Wednesday 12:45
EXPO Hall, EXPO Stage
They're Here! AR, VR & AI are Revolutionizing the Customer Experience
SVP, Marketing
Soma Intimates
President, Software Products Group
Fluid Inc.

For years, we’ve heard how new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality are going to transform the way retailers do business and how people shop. But now they're actually on board and in use. Our experts will share who’s using which technology, how it’s working and some thoughts on what to embrace and where to use caution. From initial learnings to insights throughout the journey, you’ll hear about early adopter's findings and establish what steps you should take today to embrace these interactive paradigms. Join the new revolution and learn how purchase decisions are made with these radical new approaches.

Learn to:

  • Leverage emerging technologies for your brand.
  • Enhance product discovery and customer experience through these technologies.
  • Engage with consumers at the most personal and contextual level yet.