Tuesday 10:20
Level 2, Hall E
JCPenney and Transforming the Customer Experience – An Insider’s Look
SVP, Commerce and Content
Executive Vice President, Omnichannel
In today’s rapidly changing retail and digital environment, how do you combine the best of digital and physical to reinvent and build the future of the department store format and retailing overall? Having led digital and omnichannel transformations at three major companies – JCPenney and previously Home Depot and Dell – JCPenney’s EVP of Omnichannel Mike Amend brings a successful practitioner’s perspective on navigating and building for the next-generation customer experience. This keynote will address how JCPenney is pioneering new approaches to the longstanding traditional ways of its past in one of the most exciting and opportunity-rich business environments; what the retailer is doing today and how it is thinking about tomorrow. Mike will bring best-in-class insights from his current and previous digital retail leadership roles and discuss various second-order innovations such as:
  • Building unique experiences through combining products and services
  • Arming store associates with actionable insights from digital data
  • Carrying customer relationships across media from physical over to digital