Wednesday 11:30
Level 2, Room C3
How to Thrive in an Era of Constant Change
Creare Ventures, LLC

This session explores the most promising new technologies and organizational structures you should employ in any size organization to encourage constant innovation. In particular, we will address how and what small- and medium-sized businesses can learn from big innovation labs. Join e-commerce leaders Mike Ward of Thrift Books and Oscar Castro, formerly of Big Lots, as we explore some of the innovation principles that big companies use and how to adapt them to work in your organization.

Learn to:

  • Innovate at any size company (you don’t need an innovation lab with 100 FTEs).
  • Approach innovation with a goal-focused "there's-a-better-way" mentality versus blue-sky, inventor-style creativity.
  • Get started with hands-on, tactical tips.