Wednesday 9:15
Level 2, Hall E
Digital Retail’s Fast Track: Virtually There with AR/VR
Senior Director, Innovation Lab
Business Development, Tango

Rising from the obscurity of science fiction, a new batch of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology builds on the promise to take the immersive consumer experience to unprecedented heights. From fashion runways to changing rooms, consumers will be more deeply connected to retail and brand experiences through real and life-like three-dimensional environments.

This year’s Digital Retail Fast Track Program, hosted by digital visionary Mitch Joel, will explore the sophisticated capabilities and applications of AR/VR as they transform the way retailers and brands touch consumers digitally.

These quick, high-impact presentations will feature some of the most forward-thinking insights of what is predicted to be a $120 billion market by 2020. You’ll find out how retailers and consumers will play significant, collaborative roles in leveraging and shaping the technology. Augmented reality and virtual reality are the next major platforms and sometime soon in the future, we will all agree that this is the ideal digital retail experience.

Learn to:

  • Understand what – if any – role VR/AR will have on retailers today. If not today, then when?
  • Navigate the real limitations and implications of this platform
  • Integrate AR/VR into your brand